Soy Much Brighter Handmade Soy Candles - 4oz

Soy Much Brighter

$ 12.00

Beautiful locally made 4 ounce soy candles in glass jars!

Afternoon Delight (tobacco, vanilla), Beach Head (coconut, fern, teakwood), Blooming Lilacs (lilac), Campfire Stories (vanilla, fir, smoke and a hint of marshmallow), Chai Love You A Latte (cinnamon, black tea, vanilla), Cinnamon Poptart (nutmeg and clove), Citrus Sunshine, Dapper Jack (cedar leaf, lavender), Desert Fairy (chrysanthemum, aloe, agave), Fancy Face (sandalwood, amber, vanilla), Goodnight, Moon (vetiver, nag champa), Grandpa's Eggnog (whiskey, vanilla, nutmeg, chai), Grapefruit Bubbly (grapefruit, mango), Herbs & Berries (white tea, berries), Hunk-a Burnin' Love (cedarwood, pine), Into the Woods (spruce, fir, pine), Lion's Den (rosewood, cedar, amber), Love and Lavender (lavender, orange, lemon), Moonlight Romance (vanilla), Mornin' Mint (mint, lavender), Pass the Cider (apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove), Pop's Orchard (tobacco, apple), Pumpkin Coffee (pumpkin, black coffee), Thai Lemongrass (lemongrass, asian lilly), The Earth and Her Moon (patchouli, cedar wood)


•100% Soy Wax  

•Clean & safe to burn for you, children, and pets 

•Non-toxic & Vegan 


•No Soot

•Long burn times

 •Recyclable Glass Jars

•Natural Cotton Wicks 

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