Spirit de la Lune Oracle Deck

Spirit de la Lune

$ 52.00

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As part of our cozy gifts selection, we are delighted to carry beautiful artwork by independent artists!

Marissa Moondaughter and Rachael Tree Talker Caringella are the visionaries behind this 56 cards of Lunar guidance to help you connect with the energies of the Luna.

    Tune to the Moon with Spirit de la Lune!

    This oracle set allows you to tap in to your  personal cycles and rhythms on any given day using Lady Luna as your guide!

    The Spirit de la Lune Deck Set includes the deck, guidebook and a keepsake box all featuring silver stamping .

    The deck contains 56 cards of Lunar guidance including Full Moondalas, Zodiac Moondalas, and Moon phase cards to help you connect with the energies of the Luna. 

    The guidebook is 200 pages  full of Lunar Wisdom, including  a full page summary of each card, as well as unique spreads just for this deck! 

    The cards and the guidebook fit nicely inside a beautifully crafted keepsake box. 

    How to Use This Deck

    Our moon oracle deck will reflect the currents of energy at play in your situation and readings
    The cards will reflect your emotions and subconscious desires
    The full moondalas will activate the seasonal and spiritual archetypes within you
    You can use the cards to meditate and tune in to the current moon cycle with the phase cards and zodiac signs


    How anyone can use these cards:

    1. Close your eyes. Breathe. Be still.
    2. Ask a question like: What energy will support me today? What energy will help me start writing my novel or living my dream? What energy will bring healing to my relationship? What will help me feel happier right now? What is the message for today? What will help me get through this challenging time? Or anything you can dream up.
    3. Pick a card. Reflect on the picture and read the inspirational message. What insights does this spark for you? What actions can you take to embody this wisdom in your day, your week, your life?
    4. Keep the card with you for the day, put it where you will see it often, or simply put it back in the deck and carry it in your thoughts. There is no wrong way to do this.

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