Meristem Socks Knitting and Spell Kit

Circle of Stitches

$ 32.00

The first pattern in our Knits with Intention collection, designed for Harrisville Design’s Nightshades yarn. Each design corresponds to one of the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and has an intention behind it, so we can bring together knitting and intentional living.

The Meristem Socks are linked to the earth element, and feature a cuff design inspired by tree roots to remind us to ground ourselves. As the first design in this collection, the term “meristem” refers to a type of plant tissue usually at the tips of roots and shoots. It’s function is to divide cells and form new tissue, so the roots and shoots can grow.

This kit combines knitting and intention-setting. Along with the yarn and pattern, you'll receive a candle and candle holder, a crystal for grounding, and a guided meditation so you can perform your own grounding spell - and every time you wear your socks, you'll be reminded to re-center yourself!

This kit includes:

- 1 skein of Harrisville Nightshades

- 1 green candle

- 1 ceramic candle holder

- 1 piece of tumbled tourmalinated quartz

- A written meditation/spell for grounding

 Socks pictured were knit in the Insomnia (Black + Olive) colorway

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