Addi Rocket Squared Interchangeable Needle Set - short and long


$ 180.00

The innovative addi Rocket2 [Squared] are an ergonomic marvel! The barrel shape is square, with rounded corners, to provide an easy grip with a more relaxed hand. This is great for anyone who has ever had pain or strain while knitting. The flat sides allow the needle to stay put in your hand without a tight grip. Plus, a subtle texture keeps your stitches in place until you’re ready to knit them.

The Rocket2 [Squared] also feature addi’s Turbo finish, which knitters the world over have come to love; it allows for super fast, super smooth knitting action. And the tips are addi’s sharply tapered Rocket/Lace points, which are perfect for getting into tight spaces or completing complex stitch patterns.

Addi will be releasing limited numbers of Interchangeable Rocket2 [Squared] sets in early fall. Your pre-order ensures you don't miss out!

Please note these pre-orders are non-refundable.

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