Handmade Shawl Pins


$ 32.50

Designed by JUL Designs. Handmade fair trade in Indonesia. Cast and hand-polished white brass.

The Gesture Penannular Brooch is the latest shawl pin in the Gesture series, our first design in a style you have been asking us to produce - the penannular brooch, which is often associated with Celtic brooch designs but is a much older shape, emerging in the Iron age and becoming popular in Roman Times.  The Gesture Brooch is light and delicate, with the same beautiful associations with handwork, generosity and gratitude as its siblings. Measures at 1.25" / 4cm across.

The Ram Penannular Brooch is fashioned after our beautiful Mountain Sheep, now available in this fabulous one-piece shawl pin -   A simple design with an ancient aura, this pin is a stunning addition to your knitwear. Measures 2" in diameter; stick pin is 2.25" long.

The Baroque Beetle is our ornamented celebration of one of the gorgeous natural improvisations we find on our astonishing planet.  We have been bringing fiber beasts to you in our shawl pins and sticks as well as botanical forms.  Now we are excited about exploring some of the beautiful insect forms that there are in the world.  The Beetle is the first in our series of stylized and realistic insects.

The Runa Penannular Brooch: This beautiful penannular brooch was designed for knitwear as an alternative to two-piece shawl pins.  Runa is inspired by Norse designs that make liberal use of spiral motifs.  In addition, we love the shape of Norse helmets and used aspects of their form to create the stick portion of this pin.

The Celtic Lion Shawl Pin is a light-weight, elegant, and interesting shawl pin was inspired by Celtic illuminated letters using the forms of animals as well as the knots so well-known in Celtic designs. The back of this beautiful pin is just as gorgeous as the front, revealing an inscribed version of the low relief motifs on the front.  We love the daintiness of the companion stick which may be worn on its own on delicate knits. It's companion Shawl Stick - Regulus, which may be purchased separately, but pairs perfectly with the ring of this gorgeous design. The ring measures at 2.25" outer diameter, 1.5" inner diameter. The stick measures 4" long.


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