Handmade Shawl Sticks


$ 22.50

Designed by JUL Designs. Handmade fair trade in Indonesia. Cast and hand-polished white brass.

The Twig Shawl Stick is earthy and elegant, hand cast, fabricated, and polished by skilled artisans, a wonderful complement to both rustic and refined knits and woven fabrics. Measures at 6.5" long.

The Gesture Lace Stick is a beautiful lace stick that evokes generosity, open-ness, gratitude. Inspired by an ancient Chinese hair stick of a tiny open hand and a gesture of the right hand, the 'sweet hand,' from Balinese Hindu culture called "nunas. " The term 'nunas' is used to indicate a courteous and grateful request in the highest register of the Balinese language. It is the word you use to request holy water, to request a divine gift, and most politely to request something from another person you respect. It is an open gesture of waiting for the gift of prosperity, of tranquility, of harmony. It is one of the most beautiful and humble gestures within Balinese social interaction and Hindu ritual practice. It is a gesture of love and respect. We have sought to represent all of these ideas at the same time that we have sought to make a universal statement about the lovliest parts of human interaction and to do this beautifully and simply.

The Coil Shawl Stick is elegant and sleek, with a timeless design that is at once ancient and contemporary. The ripples in the stick ensure it will hold onto the knitwear, diminishing the possibility that it will get lost. The spiral motif in the coil stick is associated with infinite time, endless movement and boundless energy. Measures at 4.25" long.

Regulus - Celtic Lion Shawl Stick is inspired by Celtic illuminated letters that use animals to create the letters' forms.  The name, Regulus, refers to the brightest star in the constellation Leo, which is also one of the brightest stars in our universe and has been designated the 'kingly' star in many ancient astronomical traditions going back thousands of years. We love the cosmological reference for this fierce and protective little beast. It pairs very well with the Celtic Lion Shawl Pin, a separate purchase. Measures at 1" wide motif and 5.5" stick.

Apus - Celtic Bird of Paradise Shawl Stick - Apus is a constellation in the southern sky that represents a Bird of Paradise.  In Greek, Apus means 'with no feet' as the Bird of Paradise was thought, at one time, not to have any. You will notice that our Bird of Paradise, as its Greek name indicates, has no feet.  Celtic illuminated letters that use animals to create the letter forms are our inspiration for our representation of this noble, footless bird. Measures at 1/2" wide motif and 5.5" stick.

Filigree Honeybee Shawl Stick - Who doesn't love pollinators? This lovely filigree honeybee was a long time in the making.  Using Filigree, a conventional Balinese visual language, we settled on something with beautiful swirling designs and delicate lines. Measures at 5.25" with a stick length of 4"

Filigree Honeybee Shawl Stick - Part of the pollinator series, this lovely filigree monarch was created to celebrate the majestic beauty and to raise awareness of the threats Monarchs face. Measures at 1 1/8" wing span X 5" long.

Lotus Garden Shawl Stick - This gorgeously delicate and light shawl pin evokes the zen of a lotus garden - its roots, its stems, and its flowers, leaves, and seed pods. Measures 5" long.

For more information about how to help in the effort to maintain Monarch populations and help them return to healthy levels, please go go 




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