Inca Collection Shawl Sticks


$ 22.50

JUL Designs is owned by Laura Bellows, anthropologist. The Inca Collection was inspired by one of her trips to Peru, which included forays to Macchu Pichu, the ancient city of Cuzco, the colonial city of Arequipa, and the coastal metropolis of Lima. All three of the animals in this collection held significance for the Incan people native to Peru.  While the shapes of the Alpaca and the Jaguar are modelled after ancient tiny sculptural pieces, the Cormorant is based on the live birds she saw at the edges of modern Lima. 

Handmade fair trade in Indonesia. Cast and hand-polished white bronze.

New additions to the collection:

The Fiber Beast Alpaca is flirtatious and good-natured. Enjoy the sweetness of its disposition on your sweater, shawl, scarf, or in your hair as a hair stick. It is 4.5 in long and made out of white brass.

The Fiber Beast Angora Goat is gorgeous with its graceful, curving horns. It's a lovely accent on your knitwear or in your hair. It is 4.5 in long and made out of white brass.




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