JUL Leather Screw-In Closures


$ 32.50

Designed by JUL Designs, Screw-In Closures are an innovative and exciting alternatives to conventional closures. The screw-in application means you can put a closure or attachment anywhere on a garment, cowl, scarf, or shawl, dramatically increasing the styling possibilities beyond what is possible with conventional methods.  Styling with screw-in closures becomes a part of the creative process, allowing you to sculpt, layer, baste (using screw-in pedestal buttons), and combine pieces in previously impossible ways.

The Oval Latch is the curvy cousin of The Latch, which is geomatric and slightly smaller in scale.  This Oval version, because it is somewhat wider than the original Latch, is made of soft leather instead of the thicker, stiffer leather of its cousin. The soft matte black and aubergine of the Oval are light and supple.  They work best in pairs or in fours or sixes, gaining visual strength in numbers.

100% Genuine Leather, Made in the USA.

Sold in pairs

Measures at 4" wide x 1" tall.

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