Tiny Ritual Candles

Circle of Stitches

$ 14.00

Beautiful handmade beeswax candles! These candles come with a tiny crystal embedded in the base to help set your intentions, and directions for a short ritual inside the label.

Shipping: If you order multiple candles, we will pack as efficiently as possible and you will be refunded any shipping overage charges

In the words of Carlyn, who handmakes each candle: "Candles are powerful little tools we can use to not only create the atmosphere for any ceremony, but also as a ritual in themselves to strengthen and focus our own intentions. When we go deep inside and figure out what we need, what we want to create, what kind of life we want to design for ourselves, and when we consciously set those intentions, major shifts can happen. For many, candles and wishes go hand-in-hand: on your birthday, light a candle, make a wish, blow it out, hope wish comes true. Whenever I feel the need to come into ceremony to work an intention, I always add a candle to pour my intention into. As the candle burns, the intention is released up and out where it may come to fruition if it is for the best and highest good."

The Abundance Candle is used for creating abundance in prosperity. Helpful when needing to generate income, grow a career, attract a job and build finance.

The Healing Candle is used for intention setting around restoring physical, emotional and spiritual health. Useful when needing to reset the body, heal a situation or yourself, and invite loving-healing in on all levels.

The Love Candle is for intention setting around attracting and inviting in love. Helpful when wanting to attract a partner, cultivate love within an existing relationship, invite more love and empathy into the heart, and fill your home with a loving energy.

The Protection Candle is used for intention setting around boundaries and protection. Helpful when needing to push away negativity, protect against negative energy, and to create boundaries around a situation.

The Sacred Space Candle is used to set a sacred space for any practice. Useful when wanting to create serenity for meditation, quiet personal time, and invoke a positive, sacred energy into your home.

The Strength Candle is for intention setting around building inner power, strength, courage and vitality. Helpful when needing to move through obstacles, to stand in your power, and to fearlessly show who you are.

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