"Beloved" Embroidered Talisman Kit by Christi Johnson

Mixed Color

$ 38.00

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“Beloved” - to connect with the energy of love - for oneself, for developing a union with another, for warming and opening the heart.

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Inspired by Christi's studies in universal symbolism as well as her love for craft and ritual, these kits were created so that you may tap into your own abilities to bring into existence that what you desire.

With naturally dyed fabrics, lively color palettes, and even a selection of herbs and stones for enhancing your ritual, these kits have everything you need to get started - just add scissors!

Included in each kit:

-Instruction booklet

-3 pc talisman patterns, with illustrated stitch instructions for each

-3 pc 6” x 6” naturally dyed fabric squares, 100% raw silk - madder root and birch bark were the dyes used for this kit

-4 pc 100% cotton DMC embroidery floss, made in France

-2 pc embroidery needles

-1 pc 4” embroidery hoop

-small spell jar with gem beads and herbs and that correspond to the intention of this kit: Rose, Lemon Balm, Yarrow, Garnet and Carnelian. Read more about the spell jar contents and their meanings here.


All packaged in a burlap drawstring bag.

Talismans have been used by humans since early in our history, and embroidery became incorporated in the creation of talismanic and ritual textiles soon after its development thousands of years ago. Here’s a chance to create your own magic charms through the ancient art of embroidery. 

More than just a stitch lesson, the included instructions also lay out a framework for you to develop your own ritual for this talisman. The fabrics included are 100% raw silk dyed with plants, and the included patterns were developed from universal symbolism that corresponds to the theme of this kit. There’s even a vial of herbs and stones that you may incorporate in your ritual, or tuck into your talisman for a boost of power from nature. This kit has everything you need to get started, just add scissors! 

PLEASE NOTE: These designs are for personal use only, do not reproduce for sale. Do not sell pieces made from this design, and do not reproduce pattern. Thanks in advance for understanding and respecting that Christi is sharing her art for your learning experience, not so that it may be copied for profit. 

Because they are hand drawn, the lines of the pattern are not perfect but will still bring you to a beautiful result!

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