YOTH Daughter (Full and Mini)


$ 15.00

Daughter and Daughter Mini have been created as a collaboration between YOTH and the Cestari Sheep & Wool Co.

Created in collaboration with the Cestari Sheep & Wool Co., YOTH Yarns presents Daughter and Daughter Mini as masterpieces of rugged tradition that will last for generations.  It is a woolen spun 3-ply Worsted weight wool blend that is perfect for cables, textures or just good ol' stockinette stitch. This yarn is sturdy yet soft, long wearing yet lightweight, and has a homey unrefined slight thick thin nature to it.

Available in two put ups, Daughter a yields 150g/330 yd skein and Daughter Mini yields a 75g/165 yd skein. Find the word Natural in the color name to know it's undyed.

While it is not necessary to alternate skeins with this yarn like some of YOTH's other bases. It is however recommend matching dyelots in same color when working on a larger project. We will do this for you when placing an order online.

Little note about Black Truffle: Our dyehouse has done their very best to keep our dark solid black, as colorfast as possible on our wool yarns. To help lessen the chances of color transferring, we recommend that you soak the knit item alone during hand washing. If you are planning to knit Black Truffle alongside a lighter color, we suggest that you keep your soaking time to a minimum (no more than 20-30 minutes).


  • 100 % Domestic Rambouillet + Merino Wool Blend
  • Daughter: Approx. 330 yards (150g)
  • Daughter Mini: Approx. 165 yards (75g)
  • Worsted weight (but tagged as DK weight)
  • Handwash, Dry Flat











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