Embroidery: An Illustrated Guide by Christi Johnson

Mixed Color

$ 14.00

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Want to know more about embroidery, and creating your own designs? Christi's 22 page how-to guide came out of her in-person workshops.

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It gives tips and instructions for using embroidery to create your own artwork. Including: choosing your materials, 15 stitches from simple to more intricate and decorative designs to inspire your work, some notes on intuitive stitching, and how to allow the mind to slow down and let your creative energies to take charge.

This book is intended to be a guide, presenting a variety of embroidery stitches and tips so that you may create your own designs, add your personal essence to the fabrics around you, and nurture your creativity.Christi encourage you to experiment, try things out in different ways, and see what magic you can create on your own. 

Also check out Illuminated Stitches, her longer, deeper dive into the practice of embroidery as a spiritual process. Combining symbolism, embroidery, and ritual, “Illuminated Stitches” presents a framework for creating sacred textiles intended for personal evolution. 

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