Ghost Cat Enamel Pin

Punky Pins

$ 8.25

If your kitty is more Nermal than Mrs Norris, here’s the perfect Salem to your inner Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Let’s face it, cats are basically ghosts anyway - they disappear and reappear at will, knock over objects, hide important things, wake you up in the middle of the night by skulking around your bed … not much of a disguise, really.

Hard enamel pin with Punky Pins logo on reverse. Measuring 21mm (high) by 19mm (wide).

Punky Pins is a North East of England based lifestyle fashion accessory brand that creates unique kick-ass enamel pins, patches and accessories, forever inspired by cats, pop culture, movies, feminism and other cool and cute AF stuff. Fueled by thousands of cups of tea, Punky Pins was founded by girlboss, Claire Whaite in 2005.



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