Melanated Classic Tarot by Julia Goolsby & Oubria Tronshaw

Circle of Stitches

$ 40.00

The Melanated Classic Tarot is an inclusive alternative to the traditional Rider Smith Waite Deck.

All races & nationalities practice tarot for individual & community healing & education, and it is hard to heal & learn with tools that do not represent you.
This deck is a solution to that problem.
We did not feel it was an overstep since Pamela Coleman Smith (Pixie),
the woman who drew all the original images within the traditional Rider Smith Waite, was a bi-racial woman with Jamaican roots.
​We imagine the images within this deck are the images she might have wanted to portray.​
All scenes, symbolism, & clothing are the same as the original Rider Smith Waite.

(But black).

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