Labradorite Electroform Copper Necklace

The Cyprus Cabinet

$ 65.00

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Locally-made by the Cyprus Cabinet! Beautiful labradorite pendant on a copper chain.

Labradorite is considered a powerful stone of transformation and expansion – awakening metaphysical abilities and the awareness of other states of consciousness and energy. With this stone, analysis and rationality are balanced with inner sight and intuition. It holds esoteric knowledge and may promote extrasensory perception by means of past life recall, clairvoyance, or lucid dreaming for example. A highly mystical and protective stone, labradorite deflects unwanted energies from the aura (including people’s projections) which helps to banish fears and insecurities, strengthening trust in the universe.

The Cyprus Cabinet is Massachusetts-based daughter-mother duo Madison and Adrienne McKenna. Each piece is created by hand, slowly and intentionally. Their objective is to unite and harness the metaphysical properties of copper, crystals, and minerals to manifest healing in the wearers of our one of a kind pieces. Members of a 5th generation artisan copper roofing family, they have had a long lasting appreciation for the metal and we try to use recycled copper whenever possible!

Most pieces from The Cyprus Cabinet are made using the process of electroforming which involves displacing copper ions from one source onto the jewelry itself in a bath of electricity and acid. To make each piece involves over ten separate steps that they go through slowly, intentionally, and methodically while placing our good intentions with them. The process is highly organic and results in one of a kind creations that are then polished, sealed with a jewelers wax, and charged in the sunshine -- ready to connect with their wearer and help encourage self healing.

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