Ovejas Skein Bundle by Prado de Lana - Goldenrod, Madder, Wild Carrot, Wattle & Quebrajo Rojo

Prado de Lana

$ 60.00

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Ovejas is a beautiful locally-made rustic worsted weight yarn by Prado de Lana.

Each bundle comes with 2 skeins of naturally-dyed Ovejas yarn. 

Prado de Lana (translation Meadow of Wool) is a family run sheep farm specializing in wool products from our Romney, Lincoln Longwool, and CVM/Romeldale sheep.  We are the Barcenas family -  Amanda, Alberto, Sammy, and Noelia.  Agriculture and sustainable living have always been something of importance to us. From our organic garden to our free - range chickens, sheep were the perfect livestock for our family. Not only would this be an awesome business adventure for us, but it would create unforgettable memories and learning opportunities for our children. 

100% Romney Wool, locally sourced in Egremont, MA 

200 yards/182 meters

Worsted Weight

Approximately 4 oz.

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