Spiritlings 2020 Calendar

Circle of Stitches

$ 20.00

Infuse 2020 with the gentle, healing magic of the Spiritlings.

Nicole Piar created this calendar as a playful way for us to reclaim our time rather than aways feeling that there isn’t enough.

This calendar can help us synch with the natural rhythms of the sun and the moon, connect with the planetary archetypes for each day of the week, and get in touch with our inner timing so that everything may flow a little easier.

Each month, this calendar opens a doorway to magical creatures bearing a message of inspiration and wonder.

The Spiritlings will inspire you to experience this coming year as a exciting journey of expansion and healing while connecting you to deep, wild nature magic.


  • Spiritling with an inspiring message for each month

  • 9”x9” folded and 9”x18” open

  • Planetary Energy associated with each day of the week.

  • New Moons + Full Moon + the Zodiac sign they are in and Quarter Moons

  • Lunar & Solar eclipses

  • Equinoxes, Solstices and other Wheel of the Year festivals

  • The Sun entering each Zodiac sign

  • Little Surprises

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