Taproot Issue 30: Feast


$ 12.00


The twenty-eighth issue of Taproot, an independent, bimonthly, ad-free print magazine. Taproot celebrates farm, food, family and craft through writing, photography and the arts, both fine and domestic.


printed on FSC-Certified Paper
8.375 x 10.875 inches
full color
perfect bound


Taproot is divided into three sections, head, hands,and heart. Head features essays and journalism about people and initiatives creating more connected lives. Hands is filled with recipes, crafts and natural health. Heart contains personal narratives, poetry and the experiences of people living more connected lives.

Radical Hospitality
by Amy Goetzman 
Table for Change
by Kristy Cunnane

Take Out the Trash 
by Kathryn Kellogg
Village Fed

by Julie Letowski
Sweet Potatoes for Potlucks 
by Marisa McClellan
Sugar & Spice Make the Holidays Nice 
by Ashley English
Desserts to Feed a Crowd 
by Molly Reeder
Improving the Lunch Box Routine
by Sarah Waldman
Bottles of Seasonal Cheer 
by Michele Graham
A Gift of Wellness 
by Rachel Wolf
Pretend Play Feast 
by Caitlin Betsy Bell
Mendfulness—Just Begin, Again 
by Katrina Rodabaugh
Slow Dyeing with Pomegranates for Seasonal Color

by Sasha Duerr
Silver Brook Vest
by Beatrice Perron Dahlen
Honey Study Hat 
by Andrea Mowry

The Pedestal Series— Interview with Lynn Karlin
by Rachel McDonald

A Breakfast Feast 
by Kathleen Garvey

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