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Shift Cowl Kits in Assorted Colors with Spincycle Dyed in the Wool

Shift Cowl Kits in Assorted Colors with Spincycle Dyed in the Wool

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All the yarn you need for Andrea Mowry's Shift Cowl in one convenient bundle!

Each kit includes 3 skeins of Dyed in the Wool, in pre-selected color combinations for every mood. You can purchase a copy of the pattern on Andrea's website or on Ravelry


NEW - Lunar Dash: Melancholia, Light Years, Bright Idea

NEW - Shadow Flower: Lapis, Castaway, Nostalgia

NEW - Plum Valley: Absolute Zero, Stay out of the Forest, Castaway

NEW - Nettle Kiss: Wallflower, Water Witch, Grumpy Birds

NEW - Moon Dance: Nostalgia, Bruised Ego, Lapis

NEW - Discotheque: Sex on the Beach, Pop Click, Vibe Check

NEW - Alpenglow: Melancholia, Salty Dog, Devilish Grin

NEW - Tangle Heart: Bright Idea, Family Jewels, Ghost Ranch

NEW - Daisy Boots: Salty Dog, Grumpy Birds, Stay Ready

NEW - Feast of Eden: Nevruary, Love Spell, Pop Click

NEW - Frost Vine: Burning Sensation, Space Oddity, Grumpy Birds

Big Freeze: overshadow, the family jewels, overpasses

Briar Rose: Rusted Rainbow, Every Rose, Afternoon Delight

Crisp Leaves: stay out of the forest, every rose, melancholia

Off The Vine: verba volant, every rose, the family jewels

Cosmic Rose: midsommar, the castle, close call

Disco Never Dies: overshadow, good omen, ghost ranch

Enchanted Object: absolute zero, the family jewels, pick your poison

Forage: Bruised Ego, Wololo, Pick Your Poison

Ice, Ice Baby: Leith, Overpasses, Pick Your Poison

Lisa Frank: Rosy Maple, Sugar High, Sunset Strip

Nebula: The Meadows, Ranunculus, Valley Girl

Potions Master: Melancholia, Absolute Zero, Ghost Ranch

Rare Specimen: nostalgia, wololo, miss me

Red Forest: Devilish Grin, Stay Out of the Forest, End of Summer

Revolution: devilish grin, wololo, the saddest place

Sea Bird: Robin's Egg, Leith, Castaway

Sky Wishes: Ranunculus, Midsommar, Love Spell

Strawberry Fields Forever: nostalgia, bruised ego, wololo 

Synth-Pop: Absolute Zero, Truth Bomb, Light Years

Tainted Love: melancholia, nostalgia, rusted rainbow

The OG: Andrea Mowry's original colors - Leith, The Meadows, The Castle

Thunder Blossom: Bruised Ego, Nostalgia, Rusted Rainbow

Twilight Canyon: rusted rainbow, burning sensation, grumpy birds

Waterlilies: truth bomb, deep bump, pick your poison


Please note actual skeins may vary from the photos! We hand-pick every kit that gets packaged, so we promise to send you a good combo.

Dyed in the Wool Yarn Specs:
sport weight // 100% superwash American Wool // 200 yards per skein // hand wash or machine wash cold, lay flat to dry // suggested gauge: 8-5 sts per inch on US #2-7 // MADE IN THE USA FROM SHEEP TO SKEIN

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