SnakeRoot Apothecary Sprays and Tinctures

Circle of Stitches

$ 20.00

SnakeRoot Apothecary is the work of Rachel Burgos, a clinical herbalist from the small desert town of Joshua Tree, California.

Loving Care, 2 oz:

Primarily a self-love potion. loving plant allies such as rose and hawthorn open the heart, w/ love and protection (every rose has it’s thorn) while supporting you with a big hug from motherwort and the relaxing sensuality of damiana.

Ingredients: rose hips, rose petals, hawthorne berry, damiana, motherwort, cinnamon, honey, brandy, organic cane spirits

No More Bad Juju, 2 oz:

No More Bad Juju spray helps to protect and clear bad energy. Using multi-culturally protective herbs such as essential oils of Rue, Rosemary, Cedar, Clove & essences of Ocotillo & Yarrow -- this spritzing spray will help to deflect that menacing glare. This spray also contains a piece of Black Tourmaline in each bottle!

Honey Power: Elderberry Syrup, 2 oz:

When I feel an itch in the back of my throat or start to feel my immune system's depleting from stress, reach for Honey Power, a deeply sweet power up.... good cough syrup, sore throat soother, mild expectorant, immune system boost for right when you're feeling on the edge ...

Ingredients: elderberries, raw honey, yerba santa infused apple cider vinegar, propolis tincture

Chill Vibes, 1 oz:

Nervine tonic for setting the mood right --- soothing to the spirit, chill, soft, balanced, slightly bitter, grounding yet psychically enhancing. Helps replenish the nervous system in the fast paced, super stressor style modern society.

Ingredients: chamomile, lemon Balm, skullcap, damiana, brandy

In Dreams: Night Potion, 1 oz:

magical dream conjuring potion steeped in brandy and sweetened w/ honey and molasses. this dark night or day dreaming cordial uses magical plants used for centuries of dream-visions & messages & ancestral communications.

Ingredients: black currant, damiana, mugwort, st. john's wort, skullcap, wormwood, essence of larrea tridentata infused in brandy


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